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These are my most highly recommended materials, and by using these exact links I will also get part of the proceeds from Amazon through the affiliate program. Thank you for your support and happy painting!


When I am painting at home I usually use my large palette that I have all my artist quality tube paint on.  I used to use Winsor & Newton but lately have fallen in love with Daniel Smith watercolours.  They are extremely luminous and I love the selection of pigments they offer.  Plus all the names of the colours are so cool! This set contains my 2 favourite DS colours, Undersea Green and Moonglow. Undersea green is a lovely natural muted green and is great for painting leaves.  Moonglow is a muted grey violet that works very well for shading pink and purple flowers without making them look muddy! The only colour I might add to this mix for those getting started is French Ultramarine. I will list it below in case you to add it to your collection.

This is a great colour to add to your collection.  I use Ultramarine blue for many of my paintings.  You may be surprised since I do not paint a lot of blue flowers! However I often mix Ultramarine into my greens for leaves, or I mix it with pink to make lovely purples and violets. I also use Ultramarine to mix my "botanical grey" which I use for creating shadows on many different types of flowers.



MEEDEN Empty Watercolor Tins Palette Paint Case with 48 Pcs Half Pans

This is a great way to set up your tube watercolor paints!  I put my tube paints into these little pans and have made my very own palette, similar to my Mungyo palette.  This is not as ecomonical as the Mungyo 48 pan palette, but if you already have lots of watercolors in tubes this is a great way to customize your set up and make it more portable.

If you are unsure of what colors you would like to purchase from Daniel Smith they have a lovely dot chart that has a sample of every color that they make!  Oh the excitment I felt when I purchased mine and tried every color! I think this is why they won me over from Winsor& Newton. I still have my chart and you can get a lot of painting from each dot sample.

This is my favourite set of half pan watercolours. The selection of colours is very diverse and the quality of the paint is excellent for the price point.

This is a great set to start off with for a little less cost than the 48 pan set.

A perfect mini set to start with just the fundamental colours, or use this as a compact travel set to take on the go.


This a fun little set of speciality pastel colours! This is a great way to experiment and try out with loose watercolour floral painting!


This is the perfect set to get started with botanical painting.  It has all the sizes you need and is an excellent price point for artist quality sable brushes.

This is the paper I use for all my botanical paintings. I cut one os these 9x 12 sheets in half to use for each of my botanical portraits in my 50 Watercolor flowers project.


This is the watercolour sketchbook I have used for a while by moleskin.  Although the paper is 90lb rather than 140lb it works very well for light wet-in-wet washes and botanical paintings.


I have not actually tried this sketchbook but it looks really neat and the 100% 140lb paper would be great. I like how you can tear the pages out. I will certainly give this one a try next time I am ordering one. It seems to be a very good price too.


This is a great way to store your brushes while you are out and about or even while you’re at home.  Used to keep my brushes in a water jar on my desk while at home, but ever since my cat Luna ate a $50 paintbrush I now keep them in a roll stored in a desk drawer.

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